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  • 06/09/2017
    linkage (Shu), heaven (Tian). Heaven qi (upper part of the body) and earth qi (lower part) meets here, it’s a linkage in the middle of the body (Hun and Po).
  • 14/06/2016

    The Scapula—Studies of Tian Zong and related points.

    In the Chinese tradition the shoulder girdle represents one’s destiny, and  Tian Zong  encourages that expression,  the actions of man in harmony with his own destiny and his own genetic past, with ‘Heaven’. This implies  human kind  guided by an innate wisdom.

  • 18/06/2015

    Therefore, thispoint is a collector either for the toracic zone and for the pelvis, to removeand absorb.
    We must add to thatthe lowering function of the Lung and the internalization of the energy passingthrough the meridians.

  • 02/03/2015
    Forthoracic pain , restlessness-fan and occasional cough, rebellious qi rising,fullness in the chest with difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, vomitingof cold phlegm(the presence of Tan due to invasion of cold is also responsiblefor the cough. The phlegm is clear, white and loose).
  • 02/03/2015
    Qirising upwards, shortness of breath, spasmodic coughing, Qi obstruction,Blocked Qi in line with the diaphragm, a crackling sound in the throat withcough and shortness of breath; difficulty eating; feeling of chest oppression,heart  and chest pain.
  • 02/03/2015
    The Heart is the head of government, the emperor, he who works with his ministers, showing the way.
    The points which treat Xin Zhu as administrator of the imperial body are found at the back( north of the imperial palace)on the line that passes from the fifth thoracic vertebra.
  • 21/01/2015
    In liver meridian we have an extra point which is: LR7, Xi; Gu, Knee Barrier, name that itself is not interesting, but it can become if we think of the term Gu in relation with other Gu points and the knee, especially from a symbolic point of view.
  • 27/11/2014
    TE 5 Wai Guan
  • 27/11/2014
    TE 4 Yang Chi
  • 20/11/2014
    TE 3 - Zhong Zhu
Acupuncture S.I.d.A - MANIFEST

The Italian school of acupuncture (S.I.d.A.) was founded with the aim to bring together the cultural experiences of various schools of acupuncture and reading of ancient texts of Chinese medicine in the light of classic Taoist interpretation of oral tradition handed down to us from prof. Jeffrey Yuen.

This, followed by a constant and careful clinical verification, inspired us to create easily reproducible treatment schemes that, distancing us from the protocols properties, leaving intact...>

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The desire to see the stars

A 39 yearold woman in her sixth week of pregnancy. She had previously had acupuncturetreatment for inability to conceive after a miscarriage.

She was  feeling anxious , not sleeping, had night timenausea, oppressive feelings in the chest, a feeling to faint, alternatingchills and fevers, bad dreams interlaced with intrusive thoughts that kept herawake and which she didn’t recognize  ‘ashers’.

She feelsshe won’t be able to get through the pregnancy if she has to continue with these thought patterns leaving her anxious,pessimistic and above all astounded by her reaction considering this wassomething she really wanted.

Overweight,fat distribution  pear shaped, acomplication of gestational diabetes during last pregnancy  four years ago treated through diet. Recentlydiagnosed with metabolic polycystic ovaries with insulin resistance , badmigraine headaches with visual auras, treated during the first three months ofher first pregnancy with amitritilin and triptani when needed. These werestopped as soon as she discovered that she was pregnant. She also suffers fromchronic lower back pain.


Blood notsufficiently circulating in the chest.


He 1 JiQuan.

Ki 9 ZhuBin.


The patient felt immediately improved , from her first good night’s sleep but, above all,she feels more herself. Once again happy and wanting to be pregnant. Therestill remains the night time nausea.

Treatment:Bl 15 which the ‘French schools of acupuncture’ advise for the beginning of apregnancy where the woman is disconnected from ‘heavenly qi’ and going througha big life change. She responds well  andnow the nausea remains sporadic (leaving her a bit unsure if the pregnancy isstill valid !).


Having recentlystudied He1 in depth  for insomnia, I waspleasantly surprised that it was also indicated for other symptoms of hers andso was pleased to treat her so.


Accordingto Lonny Jarret  He1 aligns man’s heartwith the Heavens , the heart being the centre of the universe.

He1harmonizes Qi, opens the chest to spread the qi, eliminates heat and helpsagainst nausea.

Amongst thesymptoms there was: night sweats, feeling of chills, insomnia, restlessness, anxiety,pessimistic, unhappy, bitter and  regretfulthoughts,  a heavy feeling  oppressing the chest and nausea without vomit.

He1 helpsones capacity to Love, to accept that something ‘ Bigger’ and to allow one  to make that change(Massimo Selmi).

In therelationship between Sp/He, in particular Sp21/ He1, the heart receives bloodenriched by food eaten, the Shen receives  Yi  which  gives us our first memories.  But the heartmust circulate the blood without allowing for stasis and with constancy in orderto nurture life.

If a thoughtthrows out another. it is not due to He qi xu , it is an instability of noworth . But   if an idea gets fixedinside someone’s present consciousness it risks closing the heart off toanything else and becomes an ‘obsession’ (E.Rochat de la Vallee).

He1  helps one become conscious, gives it a nameand distributes it. A thought without a name is stagnating and becomes anobsession that we do not recognize as ‘ours’.


Ki9 is theoriginating point of the Yin Wei Mai. It is used often in pregnancy , but in thiscase, as never before , I felt it necessary to ‘welcome’ the guest and clearthe negative thoughts  from the mothertowards her baby.

Dr.J.MKespi  recommends it in blockages of theYin Wei Mai which connects heaven as creative yang ( in respect to earth), in chargeof the first embryonic mutations after conception.

For Souliède Morant Ki9 disrupts any hereditary or ancestral  transmission.

Bigler andRempp  say that the Yin Wei Mai  harmonizes the yin and Ki9  enables a ‘rooting’ or grounding. Thereis  a  network that looks after functional and spacious order within the pelvis and of the fetusparting from Ki9, receiving information. This is the job of zushaoyin(KI).

Doctor Paola Baldini.
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  • 10/09/2018
    What I want to assume is that the structure of acupuncture refers to an ancient law, known by all initiation traditions, which the Chinese have renamed in terms of yin and yang, and that could be read again under this ancient lens for adding meaning and some new modality to our therapeutic approach. This law is the law of the 3 octaves.
  • 10/03/2017
    In T.C.M. (Traditional Chinese Medicine), there is not a chapter on psychiatry but only the so-called "Shen disorders" which are often found between the lines written about the various syndromes that affect the organs and viscera
  • 14/06/2016
    In the Chinese tradition the shoulder girdle represents one’s destiny, and  Tian Zong   encourages that expression,  the actions of man in harmony with his own destiny and his own genetic past, with ‘Heaven’. This implies  human kind  guided by an innate wisdom.
  • 18/05/2016
    Dai Mai is a secondary Meridian. That does not mean it is less important, but just not part of the system thatì At the beginning of acupuncturethe the so-called secondary meridians acupuncture
  • 03/05/2016
    The disease progresses . It superficializza or become deeper and serious. This concept we owe to Hahnemann ; the deepening of the disease over time leads to more and more serious illnesses . In MCC it is said that the pathogenic factor is not expelled leads , over time , to affect more and deeper structures , to affect the zang fu and the curious viscera . As part of our cooperation we hope t...
  • 20/04/2016
    Shen find harmony, deliverance, doesn't want blocks, wants freedom and try to complete his goal. (Cap LS. 54, Nan Jing chapter 34) Its aim is the return to heaven. In other words, the HT commands the KI to finish the Ming, to create those situations in life to fulfill the destiny of the person. Then the little Shen request to ancestors to achieve these things,
  • 11/06/2015
    Personality and I.Q. can be explained by connectomes; maybe even memories - the most peculiar expression of our identity - are coded in our connectome. Genes alone can’t explain how our brain has become what it is. Connectome, unlike genome (even considering the variations of code triplets expressions: epigenetic), keeps changing during the entire life.
  • 24/09/2014
    In the lesson about 8 Extraordinary Channels, the idea about Qiao is that they represent the Luo of Ren (Conception Vessel - CV) and Du (Governor Vessel -GV). This is the reason that leads to processing the key points coupled:
  • 23/09/2014
    SW chapter 6: LI HA YIN YANG: about the divisions and the unions of yin and yang. It is the main chapter (note that the number 6) that define the spatial and energy characteristics of the six axes. LS chapter 5: defines the node and the root
  • 09/09/2014
    DEPEND: from latin DEPENDERE, made by the two particles DE and PENDERE that means to be hung, joined-connected. Coming from, taking origin and consequential: to be subaltern, subordinate, to be necesserely in relationship.
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