Blog del Dott. Mauro Navarra


The Italian school of acupuncture (S.I.d.A.) was founded with the aim to bring together the cultural experiences of various schools of acupuncture and reading of ancient texts of Chinese medicine in the light of classic Taoist interpretation of oral tradition handed down to us from prof. Jeffrey Yuen.

This, followed by a constant and careful clinical verification, inspired us to create easily reproducible treatment schemes that, distancing us from the protocols properties, leaving intact the ability to assess the unique atmosphere of each patient and understandable, because real freedom makes the doctor consciously interpret the possibility of cure.

The model proposed by S.I.d.A. is a synthesis of Classical Medicine Taoist teachings, of the French school: Dr. Kespi, Dr. Andrès and traditional Chinese medicine by Dr. N. Van Nghi. In addition to reading the Classics.
The spirit which animates us is the "CoEvolution".
This is the Blog of all acupuncturists, everyone can participate with his experience and his information.

Paraphrasing Bernard of Chartres:
"we are the dwarfs that they climb on the shoulders of others to see farther, and tell everyone what we see."